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Chris Amos Photography, LLC

Chris has worked as a part-time and full-time professional photographer since he was a sophomore in high school (2004). He has specialized in sports, wedding, automotive (editorial & commercial), portrait, and headshot photography. Since mid-2011, Chris has worked (part-time) as the Multimedia Editor at Winding Road Magazine where he is in charge of all video content for the magazine. Chris also is a regular freelance photographer with automotive magazines/websites such as AUTOWEEK, Winding Road Magazine, and Autoblog.

"When I started taking pictures in 2004, I quickly discovered that photography grants access to people, experiences, and a lifestyle that aren't afforded by any other profession. So it was only natural for me to merge my two favorite things, photography and cars. This leaves me where I am today. I couldn't think of a better way to express my need to create images."

In early 2012, Chris became inspired by New York headshot photographer Peter Hurley and decided to create and grow a headshot photography business in addition to his work as an automotive photographer. The skills needed in both headshot and automotive photography strike the perfect balance for Chris. Automotive photography/video gives him a venue to enjoy and pursue his passion for cars, while headshots allow Chris to flex his "people skills" and ability to get the best out of those in front of his camera.

In May 2011, Chris graduated from Albion College with a bachelors in geology and a minor in art. However, halfway through his college career, Chris discovered a passion for business, and realized his calling to continue to grow in his photography after graduation. He would become a full-time professional photographer who just happens to know a lot about rocks. Some of Chris's interests and passions include: entrepreneurship, psychology, mountain biking, grassroots auto racing, ice skating, cars, herpetology, partner dancing, geology, diet & well-being, reading books, watching TED talks on his iPad, the outdoors, talking in a Scottish accent, and oh (of course).


Please use the contact form on this site to reach me, if you have questions about my availability, booking, rates, etc. Please don't use my images for any reason without first obtaining my written permission. Enjoy the site!

-Chris Amos
Owner at Chris Amos Photography, LLC

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